Building the Rudo Army, one Rudo at a time!

PJ getting that new belt!
X getting his next stripe!
The Destroyer getting her red stripe! Last one for her White belt!
B getting her next stripe!
Rory getting his next stripe!
Isiah getting a stripe!
Eli getting a stripe!
Nala getting a stripe!
Steve getting his purple belt!
The Blue Belts getting that next stripe!
Jaclyn getting that next stripe!
Louie getting his blue belt!
Kayis getting a stripe!
Issa getting that stripe!
More blue belt stripes!
Shane getting a stripe on his purple belt!
Allister getting his next stripe!
Thaddeus getting another stripe!
Labais getting a stripe!
Promotions at the Den!
Aaron with medal!
Honoring Office Dia!
No Gi Saturday!
New Blue Belts!
Maurice Gets Promoted
Welcome Pat!
Welcome Louie!
Warm Ups!
Warm Ups